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Nov. 2020 - Autumn Bounty Sale (40% Off Albums and EPs)

10/15/2020 - "The Hymns And Hurts Mixtape" released

12/2019 - "The Exuberant Covenant" released.

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The Exuberant Covenant


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Forever Goes Nowhere

About Jacob.

Originally hailing from Escondido, California, Jacob has continued to work in music, writing, producing, and recording on various projects and albums for over a decade. While crafting melodies and building on the roots of rock 'n roll, he keeps the focus on making songs that withstand the test of time and energetic live performances. After picking up the guitar in 2006, he began writing and producing demos, which resulted in his 2007 Trials EP, and, in 2008, he released his first full-length recording, Project J.



In 2010, he recorded his first instrumental album titled, Sounding The Undertones, which was largely composed of symphonic tech-rock music.

In 2011, he recorded a set of acoustic guitar tracks for his second EP, See The Sunrise EP.

Jacob started 2013 with the release of his third album, Good Morning Beautiful, and later, in the same year, released the Stories Told EP. 2013 also saw Jacob back in the studio working on another instrumental EP titled Note: Particular Acoustics. By 2014, Jacob was ready to release Opinion, an album of original recordings of old and new material, and the G.O.T.M. EP, a house and chill album.



In 2015, Jacob began to write his next album, the lo-fi Regal, finishing it just a month before the end of the year. In 2016 Jacob released his Royal EP. In 2017, Jacob produced his next album, the pop-driven Burn, followed by two Extended Plays, Embers in 2017 and the Forever goes Nowhere EP in 2018. 

2018 saw Jacob start The Stand Alone Podcast (Styles Of Oratory Series) and produce the tracks for his 2019 release, The Exuberant Covenant: Devotion & Destruction. During 2020, Jacob has released his next album, The Hymns + Hurts Mixtape. Jacob currently hosts The Stand Alone Podcast and is gearing up to release some more music.

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