A Nation Of One Life (Originally Published On 11/11/2017)

It is a great thing to hold the power to take a life; it is not a thing to be taken lightly. We are critical of Presidents and Governors who we elect to be responsible with this notion, even to the point of protest and riotous behaviors, especially in these tumultuous times when people are given to one opinion or another. Some are more apt to give themselves over to what is most often referred to as "the cause", or to be more concise, social justice, even when it works directly against the better interest of the individual; this is quickly categorized as a "selfless act", especially if the one, or ones, being helped are members of what is to be believed to be an oppressed group, though, this is a phenomenon that would require a majority of the members of that group to be equal in value, in risk, in desire for progress, in support for a unity which has the sole purpose of etching the importance of justice into the heart of every ear that listens for the shift in pressure created by the murmurings of those whose voices would be lost.

To solidify the claim that supporting social justice is a "selfless act", one must completely ignore the potential for any form of error, let alone correction thereof. Between the lines which have been drawn by the intolerant Left there lives the average person who seeks nothing more than a truthfully worthwhile experience as detailed in the Declaration Of Independence and paid for by the constant efforts of our military service folk. The assurances once retained for the dreams of the common person were more than perfected as businesses, which were once only dreams, blossomed forth into reality and other businesses were forced to close their doors. There were many businesses, and people, who were brought to their knees, financially speaking, when groups supported the Affordable Care Act and it was signed into law.

It should also be noted that the anger being displayed by the "social justice" supporters as it concerns topics such as drone strikes or military operations tends to lie somewhere between a rational position that lacks coherency and a realistic position that lacks a proper application, it may very well land somewhere in the camp of a crafty statement specifically designed to act as a mechanism with incendiary properties engulfing whatever conversation in a firestorm of cloudy arguments. In a rough sense, the firestorm is born out of an expectation for the Governing body to work within the set of morals dictated by those who seek reparations in a form of blank checks without balance or accountability; responsibility is lost from the sight of these supporters which, by proxy, removes the possibility of actual justice and, instead, inappropriately couples justice with reparations; a type of "payback" for what one deems a "wrong" which creates the demand for some sort of activism to put focus on the issue instead of resolving the issue.

Despite this, it is no small task to continue to stare those who truly separate justice from the desire to see justice carried out directly in the eye and hope fate washes the truth back to the shore where it may be seen by all those spectators. The concept of social justice becomes a sort of anti-justice when one carefully dissects the goals and parameters wherein actual justice lives. Justice becomes a difficult contribution to those who are bought early in their career and who are then told to operate within a set of parameters or face the penalty.

The foolish part of rejecting justice in favor of social opinions is that it typically induces a type of hysteria within the followership of those whose leader kills off hope of folks being able to discover truth. There are those who earnestly seek truth and are pull aside by the promise of an immediate, albeit temporary, security which is grounded in what appears to be a statistical truth but is sometimes a contortion of those very statistics; I would add that in those situations where statistics are being relied on it may be best to take them with a grain of salt because, as the adage goes, statistics can prove anything.

The phenomenon people call "social justice" is a rigged game of political drudgery and excuse making; whether it be "be a feminist" or "the black community has been downtrodden", the sentiment becomes a display of the desire to dominate the social landscape and declare that one the victim of a tyrannical overpower which leaves the one in need of the many and often results in fits and riots because of the confinement of values. This is the kernel on which the entirety of "social justice" is constructed, the only issue being the lack of justice itself, because without law there cannot be justice because there is no unjust deed, act, or motive if there is no means by which one may discern what is just or what makes justice just. The concept of justice is truly worked out (or proved) with the process of justification, which is a Christian concept; there is no other value system that is faithful to the concept of justification, instead, most of these systems favor the role of reciprocity.

The sad truth is that while most of the folks who seek social justice most don't realize how anti-justice their stance actually is, and what they really would be seeking is justice within a social hierarchy that is only constructed within the minds of the people who are seeking social justice and solidified by the desire to replace history with a heart wrenching narrative. To some, having the power to take a life is a notion too powerful for most people, and there may be some truth to that notion, but to have the power to live is part of a set of choices that contribute value to the power to live itself. To choose to focus on living and making future choices based on the principle of good stewardship is to hold on to faith in justice based in truth. Of course, the good guy doesn't always win, but the wise man strives for sustainability.

Thank You for reading.