A Thought That Makes Me Sad (Originally Published On 12/14/2018)

What will the next generation think of our failures? What will we do when they point the finger towards us as we do with those who are in authority now because we allowed these things to transpire?

I sometimes have to keep myself focused to avoid having to answer honestly the point of these questions: are we going to let the next generation down.

The realization that each passing day is another opportunity to make a change is overly cliche but is apt. It is a lesson we try to get our kids to reflect on so they learn the value of time.

The next generation may develop a sort of resentment over the fact that most have made the choice to squander the future to argue for ourselves. It becomes a bleak future full of hateful people.

What stops people from this contemplation? Work; perhaps some arrangement to not have to think about the following day. It's truly a heartbreaking situation to see Moms and Dads (or those in appropriate guardianship) requiring their children to give respect while those same folks behave in ways that would remind someone of a less-than-together thug from the 1940's.

I hope the future generations don't hate us. Either way, with any research, they'll know the cause just as we now can know what has caused our situation.  

Thanks for reading.