Additives Are Only Half Evil (11/6/17)

Dear Reader,

I consider it to be a violation of Liberty to be subjected to a cannabis related drug test because part the manifestation of Liberty could be the freedom to administer which physiological additives in our lives as we see fit. Naturally, there are some who outright bask in the air of the degradation of those who dare tamper with that which the Almighty hath put forth; I ask, does not the same LORD preside over the mass that took the skin from my knee and the knee itself? I depart from many of my generation in the sense that I cannot rule out the rule of a personal God; I fall with many, though, in the rule of that God and am therefore charged to maintain an answer to those who seek an answer. I am no scientist, just an observer. A feeling person.

The infringement of Liberty is the contour to the beaten path towards a misshapen social view; overt overly generalized warpings of crude and audacious generalizations whose cornerstone lacks the substance to solidify materials for a foundation. There is no more concern for the rigidity of learning or passion because the intensity of focus may frustrate an otherwise frantic mind which reaps its reward by seizing a primal reaction and sinking to the act of reviling the framework to a section of dialogue. This sloshing through language is a befuzzlement of entitlement and the amalgamitory-like function being paraded about like a tribal ensign until the members acting with inflammatory and regrettable actions have endangered the very causes they portray themselves to have represented.

Admittedly, a recent poll revealed that one tenth of the near current U.S. workforce has been under the influence of marijuana in the past thirty days is a well-observed statistic; the obvious impact on these companies is financially admirable and dynamically innovative to the point of there being a stark contrast between the two states that have taken a logical step toward allowing the citizen to have the option to smoke or bake or fry using products derived from the cannabis plant for the first time since the 1900's began. The current administration would be honoring many a promise from candidates when it comes to dealing respectfully with our fellow Americans who seek to redirect the traditions of professionalism and the Liberty of the workplace and the employees.

It is also mildly troubling that even though local news refuses to make a scientifically sound argument to make the case instead of a sickeningly endless reel of stock footage that was probably shot with Bill and Barry rolling one for the golf course. When we get the chance to turn on the TV while there happens to be a cannabis related new story, we get the vague run-on phrases recycled every few years when this topic is up for an honest look; is it far too dangerous to even dialogue about?

We should consider pondering a serious reenvisioning of the course which ends up taking a creative approach to a major issue before we cripple the entire concept of using a geologically friendly avenue to reconstruct the notions about dwelling amongst disbelievers who have chosen to embrace the planet we live on as the fertile dirt to grow a plant like peas, apples, or lettuce. It is almost universally logical to grow one's own food for viability and long-term sustaining, availability and, now, a liquid asset with multiple values and formats. Also, purity of the product is wholly preserved by organization methods manifested in the farms.

The reality of the Marijuana Smearing is: if you are telling people they can't take a toke at near gunpoint and telling them that the reason they can't take that toke is because they might have the opportunity to pick up a gun and kill you, then you need to refocus your thought​ patterns because as the marijuana normality surges toward the legal front, there will be plenty of cracks in the ground that will be called canyons and the responsible, gay, cannabis oil farmer will need our inalienable right to take arms by the sheer nature of nature and the inhabitant therein. Incredibly, the thing that was used to tie the sails to the ships in early American times of war and commerce is the thing you cannot use if you intend on owning a firearm, so we should pray this aspect gets a due redesign before the sad scenario becomes a sad reality.

Through some vile distortion of reality, it has been determined to be incendiary to question either the integrity or sincerity of those power-grabbers whose ridiculous proposition to redefine a value entrusted by the Creator to the individual to define the problems with the current status of affairs and how they should be resolved. It is perceived to be a near crime against humanity to ask, directly, about the intentions and priorities of these "leaders" in the same way it is deemed insensitive to ask questions regarding the biology of homosexuality, or probe about the war on drugs, or attempt to have an honest discussion about the child sex rings or human trafficking. Sure, these could be written off as nutty theories with little or no supporting evidence, but it could be argued that many theories which surfaced in the past six or so decades have been to a greater percentage correct in the speculation gathered and information cropped together because these discourses, both public and private, are the manifestation of the information gathered for clarities sake, and, furthermore, reasons deductions.

While it is Noble to attempt to curb the problem of heavy drug use in the workplace, to punish the well-doers is impractical and therefore disruptive not only to the environment but to the overall spirit of the workplace, thus making the entire effort of no volition and almost promotes addictions to other, most times more harmful, substances. If the goal and intent is to catch drug abusers, the productive and informed way to keep from disrupting the entire principal is to not make it a farce. Perhaps if we were to examine the science behind the cannabis smear and allow a discernment between factual differentiation and hopeful, and sometimes, hopeless, speculation.

Just to be clear, this is not a work advocating irresponsible behaviour, but I believe in the personal Liberty of an individual to be in control of the intake of substances; that is not to say, those substances of greater probability of addiction should be conflated to the false narratives of those with a vested interest in keeping folks in a disadvantageous position downtrodden. Coke, crack, meth (amphetamines), heroin, Ecstacy, and like addictive substances with a renown for addiction are poison and the additives are only half evil, like in Coke, the soda pop. And that, my dear reader, is why education is of utmost importance.

Thanks For Reading,

Mr Koons