American Culture (Originally Published On 3/18/2019)

We seem to be living through an era of turbulence and hardships brought about by a mixing of customs and traditions; to add a sense of urgency, the bedrock of this period is probably best viewed through the lens of the hard work of those contributors who serve a constant state of progress through the exploration of ideas and the implementation, development, and cultivation of the values brought by those same people. This is part of that which gives substance to the idea of America being a melting pot of sorts.

The idea, though, is not without flaw or the necessity for critical analysis and designed conclusions. The law, or more aptly, the justice system is what is considered by some to be a "rigged game" drawing on the contrast of the governing body and the 'little guy'. It becomes more and more a drama than a reasonable pursuit of data with the intent to understand, and less a set of balanced perspectives with aims set fast on recruiting the wisest of notions for consideration.

American culture is born from these two ideas, or rather the interplay of these two ideas on a societal level - the cultural stage. The notion of American Culture being legitimate has its foundation in the concept of the borrowing and appreciating of other cultures and traditions and thereby adding to these other cultures and traditions. Likewise, calling those same cultures and traditions on the evils both inherited and new.

So, why is this American culture so hated by the Left, the progressive, or the "free thinking"? Why do they have such distain toward the values held is high regard by the right? Are those values always conservative by nature? Consider this: there is no wall to protect our way of life, erecting one is anti-everyone-else; migration to our country is of such little cost people actually use words like "flee" and "refugee" to describe their own situation and only work to bring money into their homes; the promise of decent wage is only a dream when the workplace is saturated with workers who lack a skill set solid enough to go into business for themselves while those who waste time on dead end jobs with what would otherwise be an outlandish amount of time are paid minimum wage and salary positions are dirt by comparison. This is not the American dream. This is not the American way. This is not American culture.

This is robbery. Who is the perp and who is willing to go farther for a little better?

Thanks for reading.