Build from this. (Originally Published On 09/11/2018)

I'm going to keep this short. Today is September 11th; a day we said we would remember indefinitely because we suffered, as the United States, several attacks. Conspiracy theories flooded the gates in many mediums and slowly began to saturate the dialogue with questions that would forever be unanswered and sometimes unfounded. Opinions of the event nearly found the event itself a travesty and everything from the Simpsons to our very currency were subject to inspection for predictions of this awful event.

Some, to this day, blame George W. Bush, some Osama bin Ladin, some Dick Cheney, and some God himself. Some blame the Jews, some blame Islam, some blame Wall Street, and some blame Capitalism. As founded or unfounded as any or all of these opinions are, we, the common people, do not readily have the ability to rationally direct the conversation with the needed tangible proofs to make claims which lay blame on any one, irrespective of the actuality of the probability of our opinion being correct. It is likely best to simply "never forget". Build from this.

I think it is often helpful to remember that, as with any crime, this event was in no way carried out by people who understood the role of responsible action. Speaking more specifically, these men were cowards who subscribed to a set of ideas that harm the minds of those who come into contact with it, they were entirely selfish to the point of leaving the children to grow up without a father in favor of a fable filled with virgins, they lacked crucial judgment because they wanted to express their dissatisfaction with how their peaceful religion was being treated. It is likely best to "never forget". Build from this.

In summation, this was a dark day in American history, and, as a hurricane rides up the east coast today, some remember relatives that were lost, some remember getting calls to not board their flights that morning, some remember being late and missing their flight altogether; all remembering and not forgetting. We should tell this tale to our children, and grandchildren, in books, and films, and remind people that these events are much less likely to happen within the parameters of a caring, nurturing family unit.

Men teaching boys to be boys; ladies teaching girls to be girls; respect to God, nature, animals, education, finance, ethics, understanding, and health being the focal point of civilization. It is likely best to "never forget". Build from this.

Thank you for reading.