Bye To Libertarianism, Hello To The New Fascism (Originally Published On 10/14/2018)

You need to accept the fact that you will be the enemy. That is fact, or soon will be. This is mostly because the enemy is one who continues to shift its form to fit a new set of circumstances and scenarios in both the public and social life. The enemy does not necessarily offer itself the limits of the political discussion but counts that against its opposition because it is representative of actual boundaries wherein one must live; living in a circumspect intellectual arena. To be Liberal, one must press down the walls that separate reason and understanding while replacing them with desire and apply the benefits of doubt that are often offered in cases of extreme circumstance where people need the opportunity to practice life through the absurd.

What we have come to call 'classical liberalism' seems on the surface to have some logically sound basis but, upon deeper inspection, there are a number of intellectual discrepancies that keep it from holding a place of higher value in the broader portion of western culture. Some could actually make the case that classical liberalism is actually a simple repackaging of leftist thought wrapped in libertarian word play. While many who tout themselves as classical liberals do not find solidarity with either the Socialists, Communist (or any form of Marxist thought), or Libertarian, they are more reluctant to forge an alliance with those who, by broader society, would be deemed the "far right", whether they be republican or constitutionalist. I should probably add that while this is the overwhelming response per the reality of the situation, most classical liberals would be in disagreement to the statement concerning solidarity with these groups; again, this is not a blanket statement, this is purely a case of particulars.

Unlike the carefully understood and documented classic liberals, libertarian thought has virtually no center ground, no ground zero for political thought and therefore no leadership and, without a remedy in sight, the political movement will remain fragmented and an unhealthy obsession for those who want to see their ideas blossom. It should also be said that those same ideas could possibly come to some sense of fruition under the political terms of either a democratic leader or a republican leader because a good idea will typically be seen as an anchor leading to something greater by those who believe in the vision.

Unfortunately for libertarianism, the fragmenting of the movement may lead to wedges being emboldened between sects or sections of libertarian thought as it pertains to core concepts and principles needed for solidarity with the other members of the western political climate.

As an under current in libertarianism, fascism has started to raise its ugly head in defiance to the natural left leaning tendencies found in libertarian thought. Without the core being strong, libertarian thought is often the punch line to political jokes and therefore libertarianism has become the thought espoused by those who remain unsure how to interpret the modern political climate while also becoming the housing for those left behind after socialism fails to produce the results expected; needless to say, libertarianism has become a tent wide enough to include those who chose to reject both the right and the left, those who chose to find the correct way in the middle of the maze of wrongs.

There may be some hope for libertarian thought, but this would require the majority of the party to acknowledge the lack of congruency within the party. I would be wary of the cultish tendency built into some of the followers of libertarian thought because, just as with the other systems of reason, those proclivities manifest themselves in sometimes unusual ways. The hope for libertarian thought may actually lie I'm the very system they hate being compared to: fascism. The implementation of some central dogma or thought is necessary for the movement to take its next step into mainstream politics, though whether fascism is necessary is actually unclear but one shouldn't simply reject a notion because the typical associations; dig deeper - for purpose sake; know the why as well as the what. Either way, it will be an adventurous journey with civility at stake.

Thank you for reading.

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