Diary Of A Sick (11/9/2017)

Dear Reader,

All it takes is for one to get sick and the effect is felt. Ransacking the hope endeared to the people like a spark in a despair-ridden pit dug into the still by a rich, vibrant, and thriving person who drafts policies for implementation that increase the likelihood that one must make that regrettable decision to choose life and pick up the phone and call in sick, thereby losing wages. I am not suggesting a socialist approach to the work provided health care programs, rather a truly individualized health care policy based on the necessities of the employee. It is a travesty, even satire, to say the employee is not worth the investment. The failures of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) have served as a reminder to the folks in need of attention that the ballots cast only go so far, and the mouths voted in will pay lip service to whomever they need to and promise whatever to those constituents to get that desk; it is simply a filthy game of tag and the desk is base.

The greatest misconception about these hired representatives is that they, every one, are alike, the same if you would; bought by money and sold to self-interest. Understandably, there will always be an amount of special interest because politics has an inherent pull toward that point of interest that keeps the proverbial cogs in motion in a particular direction, which is the underlying principle of the speeches made while any candidate is on the campaign trail. The allowances the people have given to these representatives is nearly unsurpassable, with the people rathering, in some instances, a representative who has been directly connected to heinous acts of crime; most times these acts are simply overlooked in favor of a social pact, a sort of 'you watch my back, I'll watch yours' deal.

This notion of communal accommodation instead of justice only furthers the gap between those who make the law and those who have to follow the law; but, why don't the folks that make the law have to live by the law? Because money says they don't. Murder becomes the leaving of spirit. Theft becomes redesignation of property. Dishonesty becomes an exaggeration of the unknowable. Taking up the mantle of authority becomes the preoccupation of an invisible social hierarchy that seeks to destroy the elements that distinguish our great nation from those nations with varying deficits and replace them to create a type of Utopia where reason takes a role only in determining that the current structure has failed; the persons working very hard to undermine the current system have sought to legitimize their renovations of our nation by reworking our laws to make it unlawful to express a differing opinion; an infiltration of sorts.

It is not a far fetched notion that health should rightfully include both mental and emotional, and arguably spiritual, health if we truly desire to have a dialogue, however, as I commonly remind folks, we must keep the focus on the facts. Honestly, the facts of this matter vary by case and there are very few matters in these cases that are exclusive to one specific group, though the ones that are typically recurring could likely find their way into one of three overarching categories:

1) Biological

2) Contracted

3) Other

Of course, there is a fourth group, but this fourth group has the gamut of unexplainable miracles and murkiness surrounding the events, thus solidifying the mythology and tales spun in yesteryear. It should be the progress minded thinkers responsibility to relate the quest to the ethic; any deviation from this unworks the incorporated values in prizing an ethical quest centered around progress and actuality. Creating a means to determine value can only operate within the bounds of the imagination of the arbitrator taking upon that ones self the mystery of completedness; a final product ready for deliberation. Health is a tricky subject to the mind of them who need validation for thought to exist because the one feels an abundance of loyalty to the notion of normality. Sadly that notion is a fatal one.

Many healthcare advocates are quick to point out the need for folks to have insurance, and right as they are, we shouldn't forget that to force anyone to buy a product, especially when directed and aided by the governing body to do so, is treading into a part of the proverbial pool we left in England. There is a pillar of American life that reads, "Choice, choice, and choices." To choose is to disagree with indecisiveness. To act thereon is to participate in the development of the world. To choose health is to take care when needed.

I do not advocate discriminating against individuals with any type of disorder or illness, as a matter of fact, I detest it. I cannot bring myself to support the concept of having a mother of 2 paying for a gay mans HPV's; discrimination is wrong. Yes, the gesture is completely honorable and heartwarming, as it is considerate. I am not against asking for help; I encourage it. Remember, it's not a bad thing to get an update on your health.

Thank you.