Do We Need A Christ? (2/3) (Originally Published On 5/17/2020)

Why be a Christian? Why follow Christ? What is a Christian? These questions have worked a grip otherwise wildly unknowable to the natural world being supernatural. What makes this Christ worth my attention? The Story of Messiahs have come and gone, been polluted and contorted and even misrepresented to the world outside of the “church” or gathered ones, although many ancient religions identified the building as the conduit for spirituality where some “newer” religions tend to center on the individual. This progression put forward a trajectory 

I cannot understand why a religion whose primary authority lies in the interpretations of particular texts, be they ancient or new, would produce new versions in an “attempt” to help the average individual understand the complexities of doctrine. Not just a “renewed” version, let’s call it that.This would occur many times over the course of 3 or 4 years with each year seeing a new “version” for groups and a “version” for runners, that could be a conservative estimate of 12 in 3 years. 120 in 30 years. If God is the absolute authority there are only so many ways to translate “Thou shalt not kill” before the word is outright changed to something else. Sometimes there is no danger in it. Sometimes it is a danger with incalculable risk, either physical or spiritual, and often they overlap greatly.

Not being a theologian myself, I would not advise anyone else to follow my thoughts as Bible though they may be founded on the Bible. I do, however, choose to try to live in a manner that reflects those beliefs I have adopted, found, and been educated on. I do write things that would not service Christians in their biblically based journey; factually speaking, I have written some critique of the Bible, my beliefs, religion, and overarching narratives composed by people smarter and more informed than I, and these critiques are absolutely necessary.

With that said, not being a theologian, I think there should be some questions asked, especially so when I contribute to the monetary success of a religion, or to my local gathering to be more appropriate. The “leaders” of the religions, be they the Pope, or a Scholar, or a Televised Preacher, or a popular Author, or a Professor, or a Pastor, or a Youth Minister, or a YouTube philosopher (or any philosopher), or any of the like, have poised themselves as the nearly “untouchable” as their thoughts have been published and themselves have offered critique on the works of those who came before them; but do their thoughts (say, the published works more so than the spitballing they find themselves in on a podcast or radio/television show) become eternal gold that God has to rewrite the faith authored by Christ around?

The Christ authored faith should be found somewhere, ideally. The people who constitute the principal majority of Christianity agree that the Christ authored faith is found specifically in the texts having to do with the Bible. An even more specific minority of those are they who have surrendered their life to the higher call of riding the circuit in proclamation of the Gospel and do so with some English translation of those ancient documents. This alone is not proof of a Christ authored faith. We yet need evidence of having a need for a Christ.

Thank you for reading.