Family: The Enemy Of The Left (Originally Published On 11/17/2018)

There is a school of thought that has dominated both the Left and the Right in for some time and this school of thought is: people have value. The fundamental assumption rests in the expectation that those who hold the opposite viewpoint have built the structure in the same way and therefore have reduced life to a core set of values which are used as general guidelines to live by.

For generations, the Left has insisted that the core values to follow are invented by us rather than given to us and this thought has permeated the majority of the culture in America. This excites the fight in the people who would usually be enjoying the benefits of the upstart nation and renegotiates the cultural fabric from one of a basis in merit and value brought by the individual to one of a basis in guilt and desolation; this is the starting point for a war on the family.

When the Left at large speaks of the family unit, they refer to a mechanism for capital, which is a warped redefining of the words, and a group of people who will, hopefully, become dependence of the state or more simply put: voters. As the Left sees it, the needs of the individuals in the family are often pit against the needs of society as an either or scenario with virtue being a non-factor in the decision making process.

Those who would be role models for the role models (or leaders), often end up being let down and used as the means to an end, an end sometimes without purpose, but an end nonetheless. Men tend to find themselves trampled by the figure in the mind of those who propel an idea like feminism into the public dialogue mostly because that figure is just that - imaginary.

To assert that life has value is in itself a metric that can and should be used to build a structure to determine the best value structure for those events that transpire. The Left has built a cult following on the premise "We Care About You" while devaluing life to body parts and votes; it is truly sickening.

While the Left will continue to nurture the idea set forward above, the reality people not left-leaning live through is best described as war. Yes, the war for the family is real. Kurt Cobain once quipped as a solution to rape: "What really needs to be done is teaching men not to rape." The premise this solution works on is responsibility, a premise removed from the conscious mind of this generation because there is a need for its removal in light of the degenerative agenda of the Left. Without a family who will teach young ones that right and wrong are not mere abstractions, how will a structure be set in place that produces not only good citizens but responsible countryfolk?

In closing, perhaps taking what Cobain said to a new place would produce a better society, however the notion of personal responsibility was hardly born in the mind of a heroin fueled deviant, but rather in the verses of the Bible. Consider how even though he is quoted as saying this, he himself didn't adhere to the underlying philosophy that he put forth. Maybe the Left doesn't want a man who takes personal responsibility to be unapologetically manly, nor a woman under the same stipulations to be unapologetically womanly. Doing so is how you build a strong culture, society, nation, person, and, ideally, family.

Thanks for reading.