McFly (Originally Published On 07/13/2018)

I tend to find myself looking back over the past decade and think about the scene in the movie Back To The Future 2 where Marty McFly goes to the future and sees how Biff had changed the world into a palace for his own amusing and toward his own taste. The first scene could almost pass as one of the cheeziest scifi hybrids of its era; a wonky mixture of Tron and Judge Dredd and Hott Fuzz; moments of laughter at the silliness of absurd while the dim light of the movie being a staunch reminder that humans govern humans, in most ways.

The young McFly is constantly figuring out how this new world works and how to make the best of the situation and, at times, tends to lose focus of the why, as we all do, in a world controlled by 'the other'.

In a sense, this film, as many did, romantized the future and time travel leaving us in a state of wishful thinking and hopefullness for such an event to occur in our lifetime; not that such is that bad of an idea, but consider the holding cells that would quickly be built if we could traverse time as we do space (see the film In Time): the age of romantizing the future would quickly end. Instead of nerdy dreams of hoverboards malfunctioning with a comedic scene following, there would be nomadic travels on hoverboards because governments had closed up shop after civil wars boil over costing nations too many lives. Instead of the buff Biff being the archvillian to the lowly individualist who seemingly couldn't find their way out of a wet paper bag, the individualist would be the devil in the tower, a total recluse who needs to keep tabs on every penny so he doesn't invest let alone pay taxes which means the gym Biff, now an addict, uses will no longer have police coverage. Let's say best of the best comes to pass: we never find proper cures and the masses die from illness and hunger. It becomes a sad scene.

Science does not befriend fiction in many instances. I like science fiction, but I think we all like life more.

There is a burning desire for improvement which is why we get up and go to jobs most of us hate and spend hard earned money on things that keep us going; its why we would be willing to pay taxes; its why we don't buy bread and wine and stuff our couches with the remainder of our funds; its why we pay rent or make our payments; its why we lay aside differences of opinions in the grocery store. We have found a way to stabilize the social cogs and balance the social cogs with the belts driving our endeavors personally so we can participate in this grandest of opportunities we call America.

It takes work. It takes time. We want to romantize the future as we do the past, the army, and injuries.

Remember, the end of the movie (Back To The Future 2), like moments, is the beginning of the next. I'm just thankful we aren't scripted. Thanks for reading.