Merry Christ-X (Originally Published On 4/14/2019)

I'm not really into taking on the season in my writings. I prefer to maintain a sense of rationalism with my readers by keeping the topic nearly random and coupling that with discussing things in its own time - not necessarily bound to a season. I like to think of the reader as someone educated to the point of clear articulation when and where thoughts and opinions are concerned.

Before I delve into my thoughts on this matter, I want to take special care to set the stage in order. I don't like Santa. I think the concept of Santa is evil and damages the expectation of children and therefore adults. I like that some children find hope around the Christmas holiday, but I don't like how it has been warped into a shopping frenzy in the months leading up, especially when just a month before most had dedicated a day to celebrating life through the act of thankfulness.

I also don't particularly like snow. I find snowball fights obnoxious but I'll participate because this world has other folks, kind folks, in it.

To the point. I believe it is wrong to lie. Such is the case very possibly without condition. Whether it is to a parent or pastor or friend or spouse or child. I don't typically like the terms "little lie" or "white lie"; I think the case is simple - it is a lie.

I find it mildly disturbing that there is a trend of having a Santa figure in the church, this is AS disturbing as the God-forsaking Easter Egg Hunts held by churches. My problem with Santa is simple: He is a criminal. This figment robs children of time as they write him letters (many of those same parents would typically freak out about the trees the letter is written on but little Johnny should write the letter anyway because the parents hate delivering bad news), he undercuts the parents by not asking whether he can watch little Suzie throughout the year and giving her and little Baxter toys based on HIS own beliefs of the children being "naughty or nice" or "good or bad" (and the implication in the word usage there is not lost on me, but perhaps Santa is grooming both Suzie and Baxter for something else; it makes my stomach turn) not to mention a list of other activities in which Santa would be involved that represent the evils in legal limits but also moral.

I don't think I need to go very far into that though (just listen to the lyrics to your favorite Santa song.)

"I saw Mama kissing Santa Claus" - possible infidelity. "Nose red as cherry" possible drunkenness/ drug use.

Perhaps I'm being over-sensitive. Perhaps you're desensitized.

Merry Christ-X