Metal In Wood (Originally Published 11/5/2017)

Dear reader,

I'd like to take just a moment and have a little heart to heart with those individuals who intentionally put nails and metals in trees; why do you do this? I get it, you need to hang your new bird feeder, but seriously, how on the green blue earth do you have the audacity to leave that junk in there? Especially if you vocalize your worry for the environment; it's hypocritical. I've been able to see many oddities being left in trees (from barbed wire to eye hooks connected to eye hooks) and, although, to some dismay, I don't necessarily take a wholly green approach to living, I do still make a fair attempt at doing my part to help be a good steward of this beautiful planet by separating the recyclables, limiting my power usage, and promoting healthy alternatives to less healthy foods. Admittedly, I could do better, but the distaste grows toward the folks who turn a blind eye to the fact that, regardless of any feelings, someone will likely have to attempt to pull that metal out, and it may quite possibly be a potentially painstaking process.

Thanks for reading!

Mr. Koons