Politics And Identity (Originally Published On 06/11/2018)

I don't care much for politics that center on identity; whether they be politics that are declarative, injunctive, postured, or intrinsic, they are all dangerous because they limit the mind. They are integal to the viewpoints proported by the Left; they require one to forgo independent, critical thought processes that dismantel the assumptions made by the Left.

Politics that attempt to reframe situations from a truthful state to a state of convenience for political advantage; the type of politics steeped in anti human, anti science, pro emotive reactionary preconceptions. The risk taken by folks to cultivate a reasonable environment is only torn to shambles when the minds involved have committed to a lack of pursuit of understanding and truth, the only point of crossover between the ones taking a risk and those who don't is in the area of commitment to one extreme of the two.

The plight begins when there is a pure lack of concern about the steps that follow the initial stages of a element; a downward spiral occurs. An important ingredient in the plight is the fury that is utilized and often combined with the very anger displayed at various points to strike a firm feeling into the mind of another.

Identity only becomes a virtue when the life lived is no longer a life lived but instead has become a life full of wishes and demands.

The Right sees in others what it doesn't see in itself: being liberal. The Left sees in others what it sees in itself: a gutless, spineless shadow shell that seeks to drain the world of difference.

I am not saying identity is evil; but to use identity to create subjects of folks is a crude attempt to bypass the responsibility to make the right decision. Therein lies the issue, it becomes much more difficult to repair an identity mared by the choices made when one chooses identity over all; the group needs me more than I need me, is the sentiment. 

If the Right seeks to repair the fractures in their reputation, perhaps looking at the issues as independent clauses; looking at each problem as a source wherein strength may be mined and tempers become abate; also, I suppose for some on the Right temperance could have some value.

The Right must remember that the Left only identifies in the Right that which the Left expects to find everywhere and, more importantly, by the metrics the Left uses. The Left should remember that those on the right are more than center dwelling dogs who refuse to keep up with times. 

Thank you for reading.