Rationality Vs. Idolatry (Originally Published On 8/17/2019)

What is the incentive in leading a life lending itself more to rationality rather than non discript speculative estimates? We don't like to think in terms of "better than them" when discussing interpersonal politics but are we not in fact advocates for that very scenario? Besides, the aforementioned "we" seems to be a collective address indicating you and I and our fellows and the like, but I doubt any of us would actually consider that estimate accurate or even a considerable representation of the truth. The question at that point is: how does our mind interpret the truth about us?

Rationality is a challenge, to be simple. It requires a level of patience and discourse not often appreciated in our culture - the culture of the United States - or more specifically, the culture of idolatry. Rationality is required for one to analyze what one thinks, or believes, or wants, or engages because these work themselves out in a practice we call life - not to be conflated with the properties of Being Alive, which necessitates a commonality in language, at least for the sake of some negotiation or barter for an understanding of the rules of the roles in which we all take turns.

A good understanding is essential to progress and without it one either sits stagnate or eventually reaches a place where regression becomes the possibly or the probable. This has a set of dangers inherent to itself, but that is a topic I must save for another day.

We often put ourselves across (or project or "sell" ourselves) through the lens of capability or ability depending on the situation, and this is sometimes at odds with the reality we are willing to profess as our own. One could say we try to pass our Self off as we would like to see "me"; we also like to believe we can see Us as We are, individually - honestly, unhindered. We, in a sense, leave rationality at the door when we enter a place. This separatist mindset is what gives intellectual space to the notion of the Socialist Paradise (where we need to fight in a revolution to regain control from the 1 percent irrespective of who They are); fight Them in relentless rage for your brothers future. It becomes the game of a fool.

What has been called living has been regarded by some who have become jealous on the outside as a gathering of the privileged where jealousy is a form of currency. It is a currency of pity and shame, tragedy and those who have felt some ounce of pain and have fallen victim to the plays and wiles of the appeal of the power over some group who will feel some form of reparation is due. Let's face it - jealousy is a sort of life envy. An "I'd rather have what you have, but I'm not quite willing to invest in that which you have invested" mentality. That is the wrong type of self evaluation to perform because it leads to idolatry.

Idolatry may perhaps be somewhat simplified to the worship of anything other than God. Conceptually, the refusal to put forward a rational basis for disagreement is the antithesis of the order to both "study to show yourself approved"  and "be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason".

Our culture is losing a war without regard to the truth of the matter or the particulars of the matter of truth. Truth is, within this context, the enemy of chaos by way of orderly dispensation. Rationality is the means by which the fleeting though is laid to rest or made relevant in that it is no longer an abstraction.

Being rational does not always make for an easier way of life; most of the time it helps to outline the challenges while helping to give clarity to our sense of duty and accomplishment, which should be a praise worthy aspect of rationality. Due consideration for rationale and reason coupled with responsible behavior should offer some motivation whereby good habits and discipline are grounded and nurtured.

Thanks for reading.