The Generation Of Lack (Originally Published On 9/25/2019)

It is understandable how the future is viewed with displeasure in the eyes of the young adults. Growing up is seen as a chore within the chore of life. There is no honor to be had among those when no honor is recognized as merited or valued. The idea of working for that which one desires may not be completely lost on that generation, but the concept of insensitive and its counterparts are having their value ratcheted down to a state of being worthless.

The future is bright for those who have reserved for themselves or others some sense of hope that change is a possibility worth enduring the current atrocities for, while the future is dismal for those who deny such a reality could be of any worth, let alone worth serving as incentive.

A resolution is a necessity for those who are willing to undergo the displeasures of life for the pleasures one could later experience; the person must make the choice to continue through pain and discomfort for the possibility of something better. The resolution should be one of the ultimate personal decisions made and carried out in the heart and manifested in the actions.

Keeping in mind that the generation to come has yet to devote their life to any specific causes instead devoting their life to learning, it is the responsibility of the elder generations to maintain some sense of order in which understanding of that order may be rendered to the young. This is part of the reason moving beyond the purest forms of rhetoric is vital for the elder generations.

Perceptions of honor and the rule of growing into something reach an impending boundary in the mind. This becomes the bedrock on which issues of self worth are built and, when it has readied itself, blossoms into a guilt fueled array of thoughts that mob one into a bondage of resentment.

Ultimately forgiveness is necessary to continue on a path of righteous growth and development. These are traits that tend to be lost on most of the youth today because they lack the model exercising the arithmetic and formulaic approach to these endeavors. Pray for them... and us.

Thanks for reading.