Top PA Dems move goalposts to score a hot potato for political steam

Let's talk about Pennsylvania's own governor Tom Wolf and his band of merry men.

In May 2020, Gov Wolf offered no reprieve for grieving families who were no longer able to see their loved ones when Wolfs Health Secretary Dr. Levine instructed the licensed nursing homes and care facilities to continue admitting new patients including those discharged from hospitals but were unable to go home and to re-admit current patients after hospital stays. "This may include stable patients who have had the COVID-19 virus," according to a copy of the guidelines. (#1)

The Spectator (#2) reported that USATODAY and Bucks County Courier Times (#3) jointly wrote:

"Pennsylvanians who gasped when they heard that Andrew Cuomo had permitted such directives in New York recoiled in angered amazement when they heard it might have happened in their state, as well.

"They were likewise aghast to hear that Dr. Levine removed her own 95-year-old mother from a nursing home. “My mother requested and my sister and I, as her children, complied to move her to another location during the COVID-19 outbreak," Levine confirmed in a press conference.

"Yes, you read that right.

"So, who’s responsible? Who made these decisions? To what degree should Rachel Levine be blamed, or Tom Wolf? Are the reports accurate?"

So, what's the big deal?

The big deal is that during the early days of the spread of not the novel coronavirus, governor Wolf of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania began closing down what he deemed "non-essential business" - which is a Bolshevik excuse to impose extreme restrictions on those who by this act became subjects to his authority - but, you might ask, what's the Big deal? Well, what did he deem as "essential"? Let's go with the revision - it's only about protecting people, right? What was deemed as "life sustaining"?

Schools? No, closed on Monday, March 16 (#4)

Construction, et al? No,

Mining, et al (coal, oil, etc.)? No,

Timber tract operations? No,

Logging? No,

Manufacturing (tobacco, textille, apparel, wood, leather)? No,

Printing? No,

Fabricated metal product manufacturing? No,

Clothing stores? No,

Book stores? No,

Music stores? No,

A March 2020 article (#5) read this way,

"Thousands of businesses in Pennsylvania have closed under Gov. Tom Wolf’s unprecedented statewide shutdown to help slow the spread of COVID-19, but not the company that the Democratic governor once owned, or the business now owned by the Senate’s most powerful member."

What is this company? Wolf Organization! Formerly, at least in part, owned by none other than the good old governor himself, Tom Wolf.

The article goes on to clarify, "On Thursday, Mr. Wolf’s office said it had rescinded a waiver that had been issued to the governor’s former business, a kitchen and bath cabinet supply company in Central Pennsylvania, after Spotlight PA and PA Post inquired about how it qualified as 'life-sustaining.'"

It does not matter if the Governor knew how much money he was making there or not, it only matters that his mandate was refused without consequence by this group while  other people were ordered, unduly, to close the doors of their business. Shame on you, Governor. We should get an answer for why that company was deemed "life sustaining".

Was it a health concern at all? Was it a rouse to usurp a Constituionally enshrined our God-given right to be in pursuit of ones own interests, just as this Governor himself did?

Did he get bad Intel on the issue?

Assuming the fine Governor isn't an innate tool who has worse luck when choosing his advisors, he understood the complexities of his pick as an expert on physical science - your friend and mine Official Levine.

"Dr. Levine joined the Wolf administration in January 2015 as the Physician General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and served from 2015-2017. She was named Acting Secretary of Health in July 2017 and confirmed as Secretary of Health in March 2018." (6)

Wikipedia puts it thusly, "In 2015, Levine was nominated by Governor-elect Tom Wolf to be Pennsylvania's Physician General. She served in this post until 2017." (#7)

"In becoming Pennsylvania’s fourth physician general — and being appointed to Gov. Wolf’s cabinet — she became the highest-ranking openly transgender person in state government history, joining only a handful of other transgender women serving in government office nationally.

"'I really left my position and came to the administration to serve in terms of the medical issues and public health," said Dr. Levine, who turned 58 on Wednesday. 'At the same time, I am very pleased to be a mentor, an advocate, maybe a role model to the LGBT community in general and specifically to transgender individuals.'" (#8)

To give credit where credit is due, Dr. Levine has made the decision to transition his/her gender expression from the God-given into something a bit more personalized. Dr. Levine is one of a handful of individuals in American Government who have decided to transition in this way. I wish Dr. Levine the best.

During the early stages of the bustle and confusion brought about by the lack of both adequate representative leadership or ethics by either the Pennsylvania Governor or the Pennsylvania Health Official when disseminating the lists of closures. Pennsylvania taxpayers, many of whom had already been forced to undergo some sort of personal downturn at the expense of the State Leadership, were left with the hopeless prospect of saying goodbye to loved ones due to an increasing number of deaths caused by forcible admittance of patients who were recognized as being compromised with the virus causing the deaths; a move Dr. Levine double down on by including the line "This may include stable patients who have had the COVID-19 virus"  after known cases of death had occurred. One thing is certain, a particular 95 year old lady wanted to increase the odds of her own personal survival so she called her children to inquire as to what they could facilitate. Soon, this particular 95 year old was removed from a sure vector and placed in the loving arms of her family. One of the children this 95 year old lady called was Pennsylvania Health Official Dr. Levine. Dr. Levine exhibited less than stellar performance as the Pennsylvania Health Official during the coronavirus pandemic by not faithfully abiding by the same regulatory propositions the Pennsylvania taxpayers would be penalized for not following; in telling Pennsylvania nursing facilities to give coronavirus positive patients admission to help ease the burden on overcrowded hospitals when such a thing was only anticipated whereby new cases and deaths were in fact unnecessarily caused, Dr. Levine has in no way taken responsibility for this sham of a decision.

How is that not impeachable?

It became a case of "rules for thee, but not for me".

Why tell the care facility to admit patients that are going to put workers and families at risk of exposure to the virus while you are preparing to pull a loved one out of the very environment you are sending those infected members of the families of your countrymen into? Consider that 68% of Pennsylvania coronavirus deaths (#9) are coming from nursing homes and personal care facilities and 95 year old Grandma Levine may have been one of them.

I guess the taxpayers of the commonwealth should be grateful that Dr. Levine is even willing to consider that hospitals are a reasonable place to go when one has the flu - unlikely. Healthy old, dilapidated people would have to be grouped with sick old, dilapidated people and family visits were strictly not allowed for fear of transmission, children were not able to go to school, most workplaces closed, and the populous were pelted with an array of yet-to-be-proven-effective "guidelines" which were then punishable by fine and even jail time. "Rules for thee, but not for me"

The Wolf Administration unreasonably carried out an agenda which put the personal desires of both Governor Wolf and Health Secretary Dr. Levine ahead of the responsibility of faithfully executing the office to which they were elected in a transparent and ethical manner, unconstitutionally imposed fines, punishments, and restrictions on the people of Pennsylvania resulting in insurmountable losses both personal and otherwise, and irreparably damaged the lives and faith of countless Pennsylvanians in its governing body by disregarding both the voice of the people and any data whereby decisions should be made. (#10)

Bear in mind that this pandemic, and the emergency controls granted, came during a sham of an impeachment based on a phone call and was botched by the closed door hearings because the Democratic Party establishment decided that their candidate, former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden, did not act in an unscrupulous manner when he threatened to withhold aide from Ukraine (#11) and Donald Trump, the current President of the United States, in fact did act in an inappropriate way when he asked the new, duly elected President of Ukraine to investigate corruption within the government of Ukraine - what made this factually justifiable request inappropriate? The fact that the former Vice President had a son who was hired by an energy exploration company based in the Ukraine named Burisma Holding Limited when he had limited experience in the understanding of Ukrainian energy goals. On May 1, 2019, the New York Times ran an article with the title "Biden Faces Conflict of Interest Questions That Are Being Promoted by Trump and Allies" (#12) which opened with the following paragraph,

"It was a foreign policy role Joseph R. Biden Jr. enthusiastically embraced during his vice presidency: browbeating Ukraine’s notoriously corrupt government to clean up its act. And one of his most memorable performances came on a trip to Kiev in December 2015, when he threatened to withhold $1 billion in United States loan guarantees if Ukraine’s leaders did not dismiss the country’s top prosecutor, who had been accused of turning a blind eye to corruption in his own office and among the political elite."

According to the same report, a mere paragraph later, "Among those who had a stake in the outcome was Hunter Biden, Mr. Biden’s younger son, who at the time was on the board of an energy company owned by a Ukrainian oligarch who had been in the sights of the fired prosecutor general."

This Ukraine scandal so rocked the Biden campaign that during even through the presidential debate he has managed to keep his answers very measured and inconsequential, a perfect analogy for the career with which Mr. Biden (J.R.) has graced us. Biden demonstrably repositioned the entire narrative for those in the establishment press by telling Jimmy Kimmel (#13),

"There's not one, single, solitary, legitimate journalist in the world who's giving any credibility to this. They have debunked all of what he's had to say for the past - since Giuliani started this a while ago."

Contrary to the perspective one could construe from that which has been written, I do wish Mr. Biden, Gov. Wolf, and Dr. Levine each the best of life.

On May 27, 2020, Joe Biden hosted a virtual conversation with Pennsylvania's own Governor Tom Wolf (#14) wherein Biden told Wolf,

"“Tom, you’ve done one h___ of a job,”

I have to admit, in light of the fact that Wolf endorsed Biden as Biden paid him this compliment, it seems none of the participants of that conversation in particular were very moved to give mention to any of the above situations - the nature of the situation is a clear conflict of interests. Consider the reported statements (#5) from local Pennsylvania businesses and business owners,

"'It doesn’t seem like there is any consistency,' said Robert Kleckner, owner of Linfield National Golf Club in Montgomery County, who has twice applied for a state waiver and has not heard back from the Department of Community and Economic Development, which is in charge of the process...

“'We are a small business trying to do our part,' [The Dan Smith Candy Company via Facebook] responded. “If you want to question why we are on the list, then I suggest you contact the Governor’s office.” Also adding the company gave its employees the option to not work.

It may also be worth noting that the good Governor Wolf has made it no secret (#5) that "he was not personally signing off on any of the waiver decisions" although he did in fact order everything closed.

It comes down to this:

"Rules for thee, but not for me."

These Government Officials used the privilege of office to circumnavigate the very guidelines they expect Pennsylvania taxpayers to follow. These guidelines were posted at every entryway and the mask rule strictly enforced. These Officials have shown no remorse concerning these unethical actions. The current state of Pennsylvania is optimistically exhausted with most people being tired of the masks but appreciative that the leadership has seen the air fit to be breathed by some other than these Officials.

An array of questions are present throughout this pandemic and that is no less true of the State of Pennsylvania. Perhaps some could hope for accountability from the Officials. Until then, I do deeply wish them well. Thanks for reading.

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