What Is Civility? (Originally Published On 11/3/2018)

What is civility? The plague of demand for acceptance of decisions one does not agree with does not alone merit the noble title of civility, nor does tolerance somehow justify the attempted repudiation of basic truth seen in nature. These facts alone, while they contribute to the process of facilitating a civil cause and cultivating the environment for it to grow, they do not offer the integrity necessitated by the gravity of the matter to secure the properties needed to maintain the common respect beyond the standard.

Forgiveness is a central theme in civility because of the inherent virtue which is perceived to be bound within the decision to forgive; but this virtue must have value or it would lack moral relevance, and, with the lack of moral relevance, we would be left asking for a point to forgive one (such as a bank robber, or politician). The value of forgiveness begins in the choice to act in a way that is in accordance with a higher conscienceness, or a higher set of laws; one cannot see a cheetah hunt the antelope, and, upon knocking the beast to the ground, ignoring the call of the stomach and walking away; the cheetah can only act in accordance with the laws of the wild (i.e., kill or be killed, eat or be eaten, etc.).

A second theme in civility is compassion because, forgiveness aside, the core of a group of folks who share almost none of the same opinions, likes, thoughts, beliefs, or the like, is temperance. The difference between the communist regimes around the globe and the republic of America is the ability to freely speak ones mind, or this was the model to be followed. It is an essential part of this nation because it allows the people to speak against both the government, calling the government on mistakes and unjust behaviors, and other civilians. Thus our focus is found.

See, the purpose of compassion is rooted in care, and care is rooted in awareness, which is hardly a friend to ignorance. When the Christian actually follows the teachings of the Bible and "Stud[ies] to show [ones]self approved", we learn, we discover, we find, we become aware and this means we begin to care about the facts of a matter.

Perhaps the reason our society has the current litany of problems lies in the lack of civility.