What Is The Next Step For Conservatives? (Originally Published On 5/17/2020)

I think it would serve the modern conservative movement to be in some contemplation over the next year as to the direction of the movement. I know that the majority of the people who would identify publicly as a conservative have an overwhelming live and let live mentality, but even within conservatism there are a number of varying groups who are often as odds with each other (a practice we should seriously analyze because the Left leaning activists exacerbate the differences on the right, but that is another talk for another day).

Many conservatives that find themselves on the Libertarian Right would likely be in the same boat as their other conservative components because the notion of discipline is not an entirely foreign concept to the general Libertarian ethos (or brand of ethics) which is typically for the practical ideal of the government having restrictions on interference with the common citizen (a practice, again, contorted and abused by some Left leaning activists mostly for monetary gain). Staying in this intellectual region of politics, the Libertarian Right also has stronghold in the conservative notion of Private Property and the understanding that security is vital to the success of an estate, this is not to grant the privilege of the duty of the security of the people to the government rather the maintaining of a (somewhat) civil environment as expressed in legislation; one could simply dub this "policing" (a term some Left leaning activists refuse to use and a job few Lefts consider legitimate).

While the young Left activists are likely to encounter an easier fare because the Left leaning activists of yesteryear were dispensing what their influencers convinced them was "just", the activists of today are likely to be more afraid because the aforementioned Left leaning activists of yesteryear are the new wave of influencers among today's typical Left leaning activists. The conservative side, or the Right, is no different in the mode of delivery of notions (books, magazines, music, talk shows, speeches, and the like) but the defense system of the Left is vastly different from the Right. The media has inundated much of the news feed of most reels, scrolls, and swipes with poor reporting about an average American who put his mind to being successful instead of the attacks by ideological cults, and there are many to report. I'm not one who believes in the "no honor among thieves" dogma.

The Right has been for a long time been the makers of their own destructive ways by abandoning the halls of reason for money, of course I am referring to the proponents of the prosperity gospel pseudo-theology. This is exactly the type of trifling Jesus (the founder of the Christian faith) expressed his opposition to; this is clearly not a small biblical church having an increase in conversions to Christianity when the church has a marketing budget afforded by the church. Conservative thought is widely rooted in reason, rationality, and religion which is why the removal of any one of these roots is detrimental to the civilization overwhelmingly, and this is a point the conservative movement has forgotten to invest in.

The Left leaning activists have engaged in an important manifestation of their loyalty to their ideals by being 'out'; they do not keep their beliefs a secret and they refuse to look past what they consider evil. The Right has retained this mentality, conservatism occasionally lacks the ability to retain this mentality.

The other step the Left leaning activists have committed to is some degree of clarity about their beliefs. There are those who outright oppose free speech, the scientific basis for sex/gender, and the role of parenthood among a plethora of other radical and seemingly reason based ideas. They are outspoken. They are not shy. They will retaliate when questioned about their beliefs.

Are conservatives as concerned with the commitment to their ideas being available for digest, inspection, rebuttal, or understanding? I think not. Conservatism is splintered to a horrific degree because most of us suffer from the B.H.S. - Big Head Syndrome. We don't always get it right, in fact, we are far more prone to a trial and error method of solving the problems facing us.

So, What is the next step for conservatives? Clarity. Conservatives need to hold the line and regroup to find the direction that best suits our individual needs, the needs of our community, the needs of our nation, or where ever we see there is a lacking. We should not be distorting the facts to make us feel good. We shouldn't be afraid to scold the President (though most likely through Twitter) when he has acted in a way that goes against the principles we hold, especially if we are going to claim his leadership as something worth our vote.