Q - N - A

Q - How can I contact Jacob?

A - Jacob uses Twitter a God-awful amount, so reaching out that way might improve your odds of accomplishing the goal.

Q - I have a story the mainstream media won't touch. Will you cover it?

A - The SAP not necessarily a traditional news show but we do our best to keep our principles intact and comment on what is going on as well. To get us your story, reach out through Twitter or Facebook.

Q - Is the music family-friendly?

A - Jacob makes conservative music. While he enjoys most western styles of music (rock, pop, jazz, funk, rap, etc.), Jacob likes to explore music from across the map. Keeping the music as swear-free as possible has been a cornerstone to our productions; collaborations may not always meet our swear-free guarantee.

Q - What is The Full Measure Music Program?

A - Jacob enjoys making music and has decided to sell an all-access style music program. Once purchased, The Full Measure Music Program gives fans 100% of the music, including future releases, at no cost.